Research Projects

Here we are sharing some of our work, from current research to past work. You can find everything from working in collaboration with honey bees to robots. Working with materials like salt, bee wax, clay, fabrics, shape memory polymers and everything in between. These projects show material investigations, possibilities using digital fabrication and craftsmanship.


TerraPerforma - 3D Printed Performative Wall [2017]

The project TerraPerforma focuses on large scale 3D printing, the influence of additive manufacturing on building with a traditional material – unfired clay – and climatic performative design


onsite_3D printing Using robots [2016]

The project demonstrates the potential of additive manufacturing technology and robotics in designing sustainable low-cost buildings on site with natural materials.

Bringing Robotics to the Construction Site to Manufacture the Future

bee++ 1

Bee++ [2015]

Bee++ project explored a dialogue between natural bees and cyber bees, based on the principle of swarm intelligence.

3D printing natural bee wax. 

kinetic structure


Our objective in this project is to create dynamic relationships between structure, environment and man, by adopting new technologies and smart materials in our design. Our goal is to find an equilibrium where digital concepts intertwine with physical structures and how these structures in turn can enhance the environment as well as human perception and activity.

origami skin


how will the humans of the future be like? Focusing on the human skin, as a of protector ,  also a mediator of our senses and the environment.

Shell of the New Earth.



 Bifurcation, led by Professor Mark Burry, was to design a ten meters column using the same principles of the Gaudí column. Exploring different branching structures and column bifurcation possibilities through digital algorithms and physical prototyping.

ITC_infotech 2016

AR_Itech [2016]


India's First Augmented Reality Hackathon

1780 Registrations, 40 selected teams, 6 winners.