India's First Augmented Reality Hackathon

1780 Registrations, 40 selected teams, 6 winners. 

  • ITC Infotech conducted a 30hour  hackathon on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
  • Professionals, Developers and Students as well as the brightest minds from start-ups developed prototypes to address crowd-sourced business challenges on Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail, Hospitality, Education & Stationery Products, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance and Agriculture
  • Winners presented their ideas to prospective clients through a ‘Showcase’ section
  • PTC’s Vuforia platform for AR was used to develop prototypes
  • Microsoft Azure was the official cloud partner of iTech 2016


Decentralizing retail industry by giving control to the user to design, interact, evolve and visualize real time changes on products using augmented reality.

Application of Idea:

Creating a mobile application as a platform for the user to design hard goods, high-end apparel and fast fashion jewelry.


Giving the power to the user to design, alter and interact with products using augmented reality.

Use Case:

  • Users can choose the design, material/ texture, color and size of the end products.
  • Designers/Fabricators/ Material providers can participate on the same platform to provide their respective services.

Solution Outline:

Augmented reality is used as a representation interface for far too long, but not to its full potential. We propose an interactive, intuitive, informative augmented reality interface, which enables the user to interact with the product in real time; make desired changes and visualize the product. The user not only gets to make desired changes but also generate a file with the changes which could be sent to fabrication. The closest fabrication options will be displayed where you could choose to digitally fabricate (3d print, laser cut, cnc) your own design.

The hero of the project is the User, the ability to make the user interact with the interface and let them make changes to it, is the agenda


Project Credits

Host - ITC infotech

Team- Sameera Chukkpalli, Swathi Chukkapalli, Protim Biswas.