Needlab is a non - profit architectural research organization, based in Barcelona, Spain. Working on different continents with different materials mainly researching how we can help communities solve architectural issues. We stand by the motto for the people, by the people, of the people and we are of the opinion architecture is responsible for making lives better.

needlab aims to explore the interaction between nature and technology, between traditional craftsmanship and digital fabrication.

Needlab voices a movement that demands more from architecture. We question how architecture functions and who it serves. We find new ways to tell the whole story of the architectural processes, the people who build, and the communities and individuals who are affected. Learning from the way they do things traditionally, contrary to imposing new methodologies. We believe that fostering public awareness of the way architecture can hurt or heal is essential to changing what people expect from the built environment.

We work towards creating what’s needed for the community; of the people, by the people, for the people.

With the ideology of “Think global, Act local”, we focus on unveiling new ways of creating a dialog between local materials, social customs, cultural heritage and environment. The solutions are drafted in interaction with the community involving them in the conversation connecting them with other communities/ makers. We aim at empowering, training the community, doing hands-on skill building. Developing maker values in the community, building a network with them and other makers.




Find out what Needlab is up to these days. 


UN-HABITAT Interview

UN- Habitat interviewed Sameera Chukkapalli, Founder of Needlab at the Smart City Expo 2017 in Barcelona, this is the Interview by about the new urban Agenda and the SDG



B_Project, BHUTAN

we proved it again that technology can be used to make a difference. Needlab team along with FabLab Bhutan team installing hives in Bhutan. We as a team integrated well into the community because of the warm open-armed welcome we received. We worked with the beekeeping community for days conducting workshops and learning their way of beekeeping and these hives will give us feedback in few months to indicate us the next steps of the project. This is the beauty of using innovation for social benefit, we are reaching the grass roots of the community directly. Giving them access to the most advanced methodologies, redefining the supply chain. 



Honoured and Humbled to discuss the importance of Human-Centered Design and Social Impact projects with the Hon'ble Prime Minister of BhutanTshering TobgayNeedlab is extremely thankful for your support, we have been highly motivated by our discussion and will continue to work hard at making a difference. 



GES-2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The United States of America and the Republic of India hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with the theme "Women First, Prosperity for All". Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra modi and adviser to the US President Ivanka Trump headlined the Summit.

Needlab was selected and invited to attend the GES conference, the team discussed collaborations with the decision makers of two of the largest democratic countries in the World. 


Responsive Cities Symposium

The Responsive Cities Symposium / Active Public Space is organized as part of the Active Public Space (APS) project, by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Needlab project "Growing bamboo" was selected and exhibited during the international symposium. 



100 students, 10 days, age group - 10 to 44 coming from 7 countries, what has been collectively achieved over these 10 days is unimaginable. The mentors shared importance to "learn how to learn". 
An initiative to encourage hands-on education and problem-solving, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Sameera, founder of Needlab shared the importance of sustainable design, following the UN SDG. Thank you, Maker's Asylum for inviting Needlab to mentor at the STEAM SCHOOL. 



United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda.


Needlab pledges to join and follow the United Nations SDG's. It is "we the peoples" embarking on the road, together we can be the change.  



Collaborative Organisations and Institutes.  

Organisations who support us and stand by us in achieving our goals all over the world. Well, you can call them our backbone. 

Collaborative organisations needlab