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Needlab aims to explore the interaction between nature and technology, between traditional craftsmanship and digital fabrication.

Needlab_Matters a travelling project series which focuses on unveiling new ways of creating a dialog between local materials, social customs, cultural heritage and environment. Following the motto “act local, think global”, projects are proposed to be built in different countries. These projects based on the same research agenda in different locations of the world will help us to draw conclusions and broaden our learning of architecture.


Our Motto

"Build your architecture from what is beneath your feet" 
- Hassan Fathy

Latest News


More than Honey - Fundraiser


This fundraiser is to raise money to make and install 60 bee hives in an apiary which will supplement the income of the tribal people in Araku valley.
Fundraiser Brunch - is scheduled to be hosted at 4 pm on 28th May, 2017, at the green Fablab Of the, Can Valldaura estate, 20 minutes from the city of Barcelona, perfect background to learn about the importance of bees.

Adopt a Hive - One can adopt a hive which will in turn fund the installation of the bee-hives in the apiary. The donor's name will be displayed on the bee-hive and they can monitor the health of the hive they adopted, by looking at the sensor data on the Needlab Website.


Needlab is coming to India

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"The future of India lies in its villages”- Mahatma Gandhi.

About a tenth of the humanity lives in rural India, making it a focal point for issues of national and international concern. Needlab humbly announces its collaboration with Think Peace- World, an NGO working in 235 villages in Andhra Pradesh, India, to develop sustainable community and build a school, library, honey bee farm for the region.
Image credits : Think Peace- World



Needlab_Kuwait Matters Pavilion,Project Report


Stay tuned for the project report, which will summarise the design, fabrication and construction processes of the project and testimonies.

Project Credits:

Project Idea and direction: needlab.

Built Prototype Design: Outsourced.

Implementation: needlab.

Project Director: Sameera Chukkapalli.

Kuwait Representative : Jassim Alnashmi.

Project Assistants : Ahmed Almonsouri, Ameena Alqabandi.

Collaborators : Kuwait University, Al Shaheed Park, National Industries, Fablab Kuwait.

Sponsors : Ministry Of Youth, KFAS, Zain Kuwait, Kuwait English School, Babnimnim.

Cultural Partner: Nuqat.

Media Partners: Youraok, Khaleejesque.




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