Sameera Chukkapalli  [IN]

Sameera Chukkapalli (1992) is currently a fellow at the FabCity Research Laboratory, Barcelona, Spain. She founded needlab in August 2016, a non-profit organization to create a model of optimized practice  to deliver maximum impact with the objective of making a difference to the communities. She was the project director and tutor for the Needlab_Kuwait Matters project implemented in January 2017 in Kuwait City. She is working as Space Designer with CARPE LA Augmented Reality project in Los Angeles, USA, funded by the LA2050 program, to eliminate gray zones in public parks and to make them user friendly. She is requested to deliver a lecture and to give feedback for projects being developed by the students at Fab Academy, a digital Fabrication program of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms as a part of MIT’s rapid prototyping course “How to Make (Almost) Anything" in Barcelona.


Sameera graduated, with MAArch in Digital Matter and Construction, and completed Open Thesis Fabrication, on Large Scale Natural additive construction using robots, from IAAC, Barcelona, Spain. Obtained B.Arch degree from BMSCE, Bengaluru, India, and the University of Berkeley, USA; Worked with External Reference Architects in Spain; Worked with VTN Architects in Vietnam, on the Tokyo pavilion “Bamboo Forest” for Japan and "S House"(low-cost housing prototype) for Vietnam.


Needlab_Kuwait Team

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jassim alnashmi [KW]

Jassim Alnashmi graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor's degree in Architecture, currently practicing as an architect at Pace designing civic buildings, freelance artist and curator focused on fine art photography of holistic cities. Is the Needlab representative in Kuwait. 


Ahmed Almonsouri [KW]

Ahmed Almonsouri graduated from Iowa state University with a bachelor's degree in Architecture and a minor in Sustainable design. Currently works as an architect at ArchJS studio in Kuwait. Freelance artist interested in fashion and interaction design. 


Ameena AlQabandi  [KW]

Student at Kuwait university, college of architecture, expected to graduate in spring 2017. Creative Director of T-square magazine, and co-founder of DialogueX, a platform that enhances critical thinking and the creative thought process. 


Needlab_North America Team


Swathi Chukkapalli [IN]

Swathi Chukkapalli has 5 years of experience in enhancing Business Process Efficiency for clients in several countries. She spent her last 3 years as Process Consultant re-aligning end to end business processes for Fortune 100 clients in US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Transitioning from Technical to Techno-functional roles, she successfully delivered nine projects for clients across the globe with a focus on Digitization of legacy systems, systems engineering, end-end supply chain transformation, product design, data management and strategic sourcing.
Currently Graduate student at Marshall School of Business, the University of Southern California pursuing MS in Global Supply Chain Management. She is deeply drawn towards end-end sustainability, green logistics, zero carbon footprint processes and clean energy.


Needlab_Spain Team


Jakub Havlik [SK]

Jakub Havlik graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia with a bachelor´s degree in Architecture. Currently working on his master thesis at Iaac Barcelona. Fascinated by all the unplanned and spontaneous situations which emerge in built environment, by situations of which architect has not thought of when designing.


Needlab_India Team

Vipul Arora [IN]

Vipul Arora graduated with a bachelor's degree in Architecture. Has worked as a coordinator at FabLab CEPT, Ahmedabad and currently is working as designer at FabLab Bombay. Strong supporter of maker spaces and encourages open source projects.